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Way of the Lord Pledge of Allegiance to the King


We, the Lord's people at Way of the Lord congregation, do hereby declare our intention to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit at all times.  Our hearts' desire is to join with our King, the Lord Jesus Christ, in spiritual battle, knowing that the victory is already ours because of His own shed blood as the Lamb of God, because of the faithful word of our testimony to Him, and because we love not our lives even unto losing them in death for His sake.  We acknowledge that He has ransomed us as His chosen Bride, to be His for all eternity, and to war by His side as a "warrior bride" at the end.  By means of this declaration and walk of faithful commitment, we seek to truly make ourselves ready for His return.


We recognize this calling as filled with thanksgiving, joy, and hope.  In humble partnership with Christ in the power of His resurrection, we go forth with good news for the afflicted, binding up of the broken-hearted, setting the captives and prisoners free, and proclaiming the year of the favor and justice of our Lord.  May all who mourn in Zion be comforted; may those still grieving with ashes find a garland of praise in their place; and instead of being weighed down with a spirit of weariness or fainting, may God raise us up like oaks of His righteousness, strongly planted by Him to His glory!


May those with selfish or evil desires find that they cannot prosper here.  May there be no spiritual worship of any but the one true God who has made and redeemed and continues to sustain us. May the way by which we walk be known as a "highway of holiness," that leads from a regional work of God's Spirit to the worldwide awakening of Israel and a remnant from all nations in these last days.  May we be part of the fulfillment of the ancient prophecies in Scripture for these times, along with all who are likewise called throughout the earth.  May this generation be the culmination of the faithful of all generations, as we fast and pray and live our lives in full obedience to see God's purposes prevail.  May we ever hear His promise, "Fear not, for I am with you: behold, I am your God, and will uphold you with My own right hand, for you are counted as righteous in My sight!  I am your Glory, the Lifter of your head; a Shield and Weapons-Belt for your protection!  You will never find yourselves so low, in such a 'pit' as My people, that I will not bring rescue and refreshing to you there as well."


By God's grace, we declare this land, this house, and this family of believers to be a place of refuge in our Lord, where scores and hundreds and scores of hundreds will find rest and God's mercy to be brought into the Kingdom of God in Christ's name.  They will mount up like eagles, they will run and not be weary, they will walk and not faint--for the Lord's own presence and resource will always be found here.  Music, as if from David's harp, will bring release and peace to the oppressed.  Healing and celebration will be God's portion for all who seek Him.  The courage of David and the prophets and apostles will abide in the hearts of all who seek the Lord like children in this place.


As this purpose of the Lord is fulfilled in our midst, our dry bones shall live; we shall receive a double-portion; we shall see once again that no weapon formed against the people of the Lord is able to prosper in its attempts to overthrow us.  This is God's work, not ours, lest in rejoicing we subtly become full of presumption; yet we trust in His unfailing love and power to complete what He has surely begun in our midst.


Restoration, unity, and life shall be hallmarks of this place.  We shall train up the children as warriors of wisdom; we shall demonstrate the promise in Jeremiah, that "behold, a new thing: even the women shall bring shelter and protection for men."  All walls of division shall fall among us:  no Jew vs. Gentile, no "old order" vs. "new order," no male vs. female, no "educated" vs."uneducated," no "Spirit-based" people vs. "Word-based" people, no "leaders" vs. "followers," no rich vs. poor, no "powerful" vs. "the weak." We shall all together redound in the Spirit as a "coat of many colors" in full array to the glory of God.  All gifts, contributions, talents, and cultures shall be honored and given room for expression in Jesus' name.  The Authority among us shall be that of the Head, for whose sake alone all else will be made manifest.


This house shall especially be set apart as a haven for First Nations and for the Jews.  Their presence, welcome, and ministry here shall stand as a tribute to the Lord who first consecrated this land for this very thing many centuries ago.  We act as "watchman" who are "standing in the gap" until the love of the Father fulfills this clear purpose among us--and through us.


Unto these ends, we hear echoed the ancient cry of the psalmist, "Lift up your heads, O ye gates!  Open up ye doors!  And let the King of Glory come in!"  May His reign be established here even before He comes in power to rule the earth.  May no man--or spirit--be capable of dividing what God Himself has joined together by His everlasting covenant in His Son.  Blessed are those who abide by that covenant, and who establish it in their relationships together, until He comes at last with the fullness of the Kingdom!